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Deccan Heritage Tour

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DAY 1 -2 :Mumbai

On the very first day, you reach the city of dreams, Mumbai; when our representatives take you to your previously booked hotel where you can have some rest and then start the minor sight seeing aroung and go for a night stay here.

On the 2nd day, start exploring the city by visiting, hanging gardens, Gateway of India, Prince of whales museums etc. Overnight stay in your hotels marks the retiring farewell of the 2nd day.

DAY 3: Mumbai-Hyderabad

The 3rd day of the tour takes you to a journey of 11 hours and 10 mins, where you are to cover a distance of 7115.5kms from Mumbai to reach Hyderabad, the Andhra Pradesh hitech city. Here you can witness the Falaknuma Palace, Salar Jung museum, Mecca masjid etc. Then a proper night stay in a decent hotel in Hyderabad will get an end to the 3rd day.

DAY 4:Hyderabad-Gulbarga

Lying at a distance of 250kms from Hyderabad, Gulbarga is one of the best known monuments built by the Bahamani Sultans and is the most visited site for its Jama Masjid in it. One can also witness the Sri Sai baba temple, Sri Ram Mandir etc in this region; en routing the Bidar Fort.

DAY 5 :Gulbarga-Bijapur

Post breakfast start your drive towards Bijapur that takes around 4hours to reach. On the way, you cross many beautiful areas. Bijapur is divided into 3 provinces namely Cathak, Bimanbut and Madash. This region is well known for its ancient monuments and the Grand Gol Gumbaz, which is the second largests structure without any pillars.

DAY 6:Bijapur-Badami

The 6th day of your tour will take you on a journey from Bijapur to Badani that covers 120kms. Badami is a heritage destination and homes many rock cut temples including Dattatreya temple, Banshankri temple, Bhutanath temple etc. Also to watch her is the Badani Fort.

DAY 7 :Badani-Hospet

His next destination in this fascinating tour is Hospet, which lies at a distance of about 131kms that taks around 3hrs, 40mins to reach via road. Hospet holds some of the best attractions. However, on your way, you get to cross the Pattdakala monuments, Virudapala temples etc.

DAY 8 :Hospet

On the 8th day, go for a sight seeing of Hospet. First to witness is the region of Hampi, which comprises of many monuments with past history and ancient heritage in them. After a surplus exploration around the area, return back to hospet and go for a pleasant stay in the night at a good hotels.

DAY 9 - 10 :Hospet-Hasan-Mysore

On the 9th day, post breakfast start for Hasan from Hospet, that requires 5-6 hours to reach covering a distance of 280kms. After reaching the place, take a entry in a good hotel and go for an overnight fair stay there.

The 10th day marks with the journey towards Mysore, after the sight- seeing at Haleibad and Belur, where you can see the splendor of rock cut temples. After crossing a distance of 118..4kms, comes the garden city, Mysore where you can spend the 10th night with all comfort.

DAY 11:Jaipur-AgraMysore

Explore the Mysore city on the 11th day of the Deccan heritage tour. You can see the Tippu Sultan's Palace, Mysore Vrindavan garden and many other great attractions. Also one can proceed towards Somnathpur, which is again a worth see place.

DAY 12 :Mysore-Bangalore

Make a journey from Mysore towards Bangalore on the 12th day and then go for some good sight-seeing in the final destination of this tour. One can look at the Bangalore Palace and forts, Cubon Park, Vidhan Saudha, Lal Bag and many other known places of visits.

After a long day's tiresome job, retire your day in a splendid hotel for a relaxed way of night stay.

DAY 13:Departure

This is the final day of the Deccan Heritage Tour of 13 days, when tourists are to bid farewell and catch the onward flight from the Bangalore airport.